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DPE C6 Pictures and Specs

 Performance and Body Upgrades on the DPE C6

 All Modifications listed and shown are available to our Customers 

            • Stainless Steel Main Girdle from DM performance 

            • Callies Dragonslayer Crank & Compstar I beam rods

            • Manley Forged pistons @ 9.5:1 compression

            • CNC AFR’s 225 heads Comp cams hardened pushrods

            • Comp Cams Bump-stick, stainless rockers & roller lifters

            • Comp cams 921 dual spring and titanium retainer kit

            • ARP Main and Head studs

            • Cometic gaskets

            • 8 rib ATI balancer, power steering pulley, alternator pulley

            • B&M short throw shifter

            • Aeromotive Fuel Rails and Regulator Aeromotive fittings and lines from fuel tank to fuel rails

            • DeWitts Aluminum radiator

            • Custom aluminum radiator mounts,

            • LPE 100mm mass air flow sensor

            • External Heavy duty Hayes engine oil cooler with 200* thermostat installed

            • Mezier electric water pump@ (160*) thermostat

            • Excedy twin disc clutch

            • Dynatec 1-7/8 Headers

            • Corsa Sports

            • 3/8 tunnel plate for extra rigidity and tunnel heat insulation

            • Hardened right and left output shafts

            • C6 Z06 Brake system, Pfadt coilovers

            • Z06 rear sway bar

            • Battery relocated to rear Compartment

            • Triple A pillar gauge pod with Wide band AFR, fuel pressure, boost gauges

            • LPE hood

            • Wide Body - rear and front fenders

            • I forged FS Classics 18x9.5”F 19x13”R with the Hoosier R6‘s- 19” 345/30/YR19

            • M20 Extreme Laser Jammer

            • DPE - Custom wide Z06 front Fascia with no scoop 

            • Computer programmable Alky system

            • Procharger D1SC Superchager kit with DPE custom 8 Rib setup and tensioner mod

            • HP tuners integrated into the car for tuning/logging using cars touch screen PC

            • Full function Windows XP pro integrated . Music videos on the fly, surf the Internet, etc.

            • Front and rear cams permanently mounted for one touch PIP Video recording for 12+ hours of racing or road footage

            • Motion detector activation can record when someone approaches your car activating front and rear cams

Day at the Park

Rosemont Illinois 2006 "Chevy Vette Fest"

 In House Custom Z06 front Fascia with no scoop available

C6 Z06 Wide Body Kits painted and installed.

 Big brake kits and Coilover installation

Suspension setup with scales available for racers

Layout of possible Gauges available installed and calibrated









Excedy Twin Disc Clutch rated for 700ft lbs of Torque with decent street manners


Iforged FS Classics 19x13 Rear  -  18x9.5 Front   

Tires Sizes - 345/30/19  -  275/35/18

Integrated Full function PC systems available with Internet phone card slot and WiFi

 Performance Tuning Software of your choice installed for calibration of PCM using on-board PC System 

Integrated One touch instant record DVR Systems with PIP and 15+ hour record time for live racing footage

DPE - Custom Quiet Fuel Systems capable of  supporting engines at over 1400 hp +

DPE - Custom Procharger 8 rib belt Systems with modified tensiners installed to help prevent slippage at high RPM's

Can you say 20psi of boost ?

Rear shot of the Wide Body

Lowered With Pfadt Coilovers

Aftermarket NAV units available with DVD playback, 30Gig HD 


Pfadt Coilovers with Z06 brakes

LG Carbon Fiber Drive-shaft for a vibration free ride and a 800+ rwhp rating 

Diamond Pistons with ARP Head Studs

D&M Main Girdle keeping things square held in by ARP Main Studs. The Lunati Crank is nice piece.

The Knife Edges on the Counter Weights minimize drag and keep the oil spray away from the center rotating mass freeing up even more power

DPE Custom Electric Crankcase Evacuation Pump Kit

DPE - Electric Vacuum Pump Kit installed in our C6 to keep our motor Happy and Clean

Shop C6 402 getting some final touches before installation

DPE - Custom Fuel sending unit with return line and big reliable Bosch pump able to support over 700 rwhp

Note the different size in fuel pumps with the factory one on the left, and yes it was a tight fit

Our shop C6 has 2nd Bosch pump that is activated at 5000 RPM's for safety and future upgrades


Note the Huge Stainless steel Impregnated AN-10 Fuel line coming from the DPE - modified sending unit

feeding the thirsty Supercharged 402. The original fuel line is now the fuel return line to the pump

Rear Z06 Brake System . Note the thick Welding 1/0 wire for Battery relocation to Rear Compartment           

Rear Compartment Battery relocation for better weight distribution

Alky Pump Location above PCM. Note the Battery Cables going to rear compartment

Rear battey support

 Rear Battery Location